Monday, July 6, 2009


Welcome to the inaugural post of the Boyle Heights History Blog sponsored by the Boyle Heights Historical Society. Please join us in the exploration, celebration and preservation of the rich and vibrant history of this wonderful community.


  1. Hi Paul, I've seen some of your work and am a fan of it. Might like to shake your hand sometime during a visit to the W&T site. I'm also a local history writer (formerly in Los Angeles, now in San Francisco) with a "history travel" slant. ( )

    Here is a link ( ) to a copy of an LA Times article (1924) about a group of Molokans (organized dissenters from the Russian Orthodox Church) from southern Russia who settled in Boyle Heights in the early 20th century. Around the same time, others of this society settled elsewhere in the western United States and Canada, even at a few sites in northwest Mexico. There is a Molokans cemetery still in use in Boyle Heights. The group's history and beliefs are very interesting, and you might find in them a topic for a future blog post. Best regards, Paul K. Sholar

  2. Hello Paul, thanks for the comment and sorry for the late reply. I agree that the Molokan community would be a great topic for future posts. I had the opportunity to do some work for the Japanese-American National Museum's exhibit on Boyle Heights a decade ago and the Molokan community featured significantly in that project. Thanks again! Paul Spitzzeri